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Streets, Roads and Highway Maintenance: Getting an Understanding of the Basics

It’s a fact of life: Roads need to be maintained. The good news is that you don’t have to do it yourself. Streets, roads and highways maintenance is an area in which many businesses specialize and can help take the burden off your shoulders. Grand Rapids Asphalt is a reliable company with years of experience in road repairs.

Road repairs are important for public safety. It’s important that your street is in good condition so it can handle the weight of passing vehicles and emergency services equipment.

Road repairs are also necessary to avoid long-term damage to asphalt, which causes potholes and other hazards for drivers. Potholes are especially dangerous when they’re filled with water or ice during winter months: not only will you risk further damage to your vehicle, but a driver who loses control due to slick conditions may be at higher risk of crashing into another car or pedestrian on the road as well.

Grand Rapids Asphalt

Asphalt repair is most commonly done by spraying hot bitumen onto cracks in an existing surface layer after removing any loose debris (typically gravel) from these areas first. Grand Rapids Asphalt offers these services in addition to filling potholes, patching holes and more.

Good road means more than just smoother rides and safer driving. Potholes, cracks in the asphalt, and buckles on the road can cause vehicles to consume more gas when they go over these obstacles.

People start avoiding areas with bad roads, which means less tourists and other guests coming into your community.

This all adds up to a huge financial loss for the city, county or state that has poorly maintained streets and highways.

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