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Is BlueSnap Safe?

Yes, BlueSnap is safe. We never store credit card numbers and we don’t run your transactions directly on our servers – instead, they’re processed by Stripe or PayPal (depending on which you use), so there’s no way for us to see your sensitive information. Your data is encrypted too, so nobody can get access to it without your permission!

While many businesses have fallen victim to fraudulent activity over time, we take great care to ensure that every transaction you make through Bluesnap has no risk of it occurring due to our many fraud prevention technologies. We also offer PCI Level A compliance, which means that the BlueSnap servers are certified to process credit card information securely and compliantly with industry standards.


Some of our fraud prevention strategies include:

Requiring a CSC code, which is the only credit card security feature that protects against lost or stolen cards. If you’re in Canada and are looking for an eCommerce solution with PCI compliance, BlueSnap’s got your back!

Requiring a CVV code to verify each transaction; adding “extra data” to the customer address (like their phone number) so it can’t be used by scammers trying to commit identify theft; not storing any sensitive information on our servers at all; using Google reCAPTCHA as part of the checkout process.

BlueSnap also provides detailed reports about how and when fraudulent activity occurs – just ask the team members who will respond to your email if you’re worried about some weird charge on your card. We won’t toss you to voicemail or make guesses based on the last four digits of a credit card number – we’ll actually look up all unusual transactions in our system and let you know what happened!

This ensures that every transaction is secure, verified by both Stripe and Google reCAPTCHA for additional reassurance against fraudsters.

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