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Choosing A Good Harness For Your Dog

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Tips on Moving With Pets

Moving can be a stressful time for everyone, not just the humans! Pets often feel out of their comfort zone when they are in new surroundings. You need to help them during this transition period. The best movers in Key Biscayne FL have some tips for you!

Keep them close – Moving is hard on pets and it’s helpful if they’re able to stay in one room with their favorite toys and bedding from their old house until they get used to the change. Spend lots of time with your pet during this adjustment period so that they don’t feel lonely or abandoned.

Create a safe space – If your family has other pets, designate an area where your pet will have its own food dishes, water bowls, litter boxes, beds, and toys. This will be their safe space where they can eat, drink, sleep or play without being bothered by other pets in the house.

Best Movers In Key Biscayne FL

Introduce them to new smells – The best way for your pet to get used to a new place is with lots of human interaction; however this may not always work if you have small children who are excited about seeing the dog but end up scaring it away. Introducing your pet slowly and carefully (and at a distance) helps him feel more comfortable around people which should help reduce his anxiety over time!

Stay calm – It’s easy as humans when we’re stressed out that our animals pick up on those vibes and start feeling anxious themselves so take some deep breaths before opening doors or introducing your pet to a new area.

Play games – At first, don’t play anything too energetic or scary for them because it might trigger their fear response and make things even worse! Play something like Fetch that is slower paced so they can feel more comfortable with the idea of playing outside where there are many unfamiliar smells and noises.

Enjoy each other’s company – It’s important not just for you but also for your pets so try to spend at least one hour every day interacting with him either through playtime, cuddles or walks in the park. This will help ensure he doesn’t miss his home while on this long journey called life.

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