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What You Need to Know

Have you ever had an issue with your property’s foundation? If so, then this blog post is for you. We’re going to go over what a Foundation Repair Norman company does and how they can help fix any issues that may arise. It’s important to hire the right company for the job because there are many different types of methods used in repairing foundations which will determine cost and time frame. This article should be able to answer all of your questions about getting your home’s foundation repaired!

Foundation Repair Norman

The first thing you should know about foundation repair is what the term actually means. A good definition of ‘foundation’ that I’ve found online is:

The lowest part or base of anything; especially : the substructure of a building, bridge, or other object that rests directly upon ground level and transmits weight to supporting soil by solid masonry units (courses) commonly laid in straight horizontal lines with joints broken at intervals corresponding to those between courses Leveling concrete forms before pouring concrete Inside walls are constructed using steel beams covered with cement Slab-on-grade foundations rest on slabs made from reinforced precast concrete poured onto compacted fill dirt without any additional support The footing for an exterior wall consists of large stones placed together so their flat sides are in contact with one another.

The above definition works well for the foundation of a house, but can also be applied to other objects such as bridges and buildings.

Foundation repairs are done because something has caused damage to your home’s structure which results in cracks or holes that need filling or leveling out. Foundation issues may arise due to trees growing too close by which causes root intrusion, flooding from rainwater collecting on top of soil around exterior walls instead of being absorbed into it (commonly known as ‘hydrostatic pressure’), lack of drainage near foundation after heavy rainfall causing water accumulation over time, erosion along outer edge/base leading to caving-in effect, etc.

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